Parts of speech

Parts of speech
Parts of speech

Friends today we shall learn about Parts of speech in English grammar section.

⚫Parts of speech

Words are divided into the different kind of classes which are called as part of speech.

There are total eight parts of speech in English grammar.










It is the name of person, place or thing.


👉 Ravi is my friend.

👉 They live in Mumbai.

👉 The boys are in the class.

👉 My ring is made up of gold.

👉 Your action is proper.

👉 Honesty is the best policy.

👉 Gold is yellow in colour.


It is the word which is used in the place of noun.

🔆 Example-

👉 Mahesh did not come because he was ill.

👉 Anjali  failed because she did not read.

👉 You are going.

👉 Which is your house?

👉 The book which you read is mine.

👉 Any of these five boys may sing a song.

👉 These are pencils.

👉 That is a table.

👉 One must do one’s duty.

👉 Nobody came here.

👉 Dinesh hurt himself.

👉 I saved myself.

👉 What! he is thief


It is the word which is used to add something to the meaning of noun.

🔆 Example-

👉 The pencil is black.

👉 The clever boy passed.

👉 Lazy boys not liked.

👉 Indian farmers are stronger.

👉 She has little knowledge.

👉 Many boys like him.

👉 These pens are blue.

👉 Those shirts are black.

👉 Every man dies.

👉 Each boy plays cricket.

👉 Which book do you want?


It is the word used to say something about some persons place or things.

🔆 Example

👉 Mohan plays cricket.

👉 Sheetal writes a letter.

👉 The Earth is round.

👉 He became a soldier.

👉 He has helped me.

👉 Did you like the pain?

👉 we shall obey our  parents.

👉 I can solve this question.

👉 Could you lend me some money?

👉 May I go out?

Parts of speech
Parts of speech


It is a word used to add something to the meaning of verb an adjective or another adverb.

🔆 Example-

👉 I have done it before.

👉 They arrived late.

👉 You have come again.

👉 They always help me.

👉 You work hard.

👉 He therefore left the class.

👉 He is too careless.

👉 It is very dark.

👉 I am so glad.

👉 He plays cricket daily.


 Prepositions are those words which are used before a noun or pronoun and denotes the relationship between the noun or pronoun and the other part of the sentences.

🔆 Example-

👉 He sat beside me.

👉 They are  living here for ten years.

👉 They are waiting for me across the road.

👉 He came before you.

👉 The examination starts on time.

👉 Raju came to Mumbai after a long time.

👉 He ran down the stairs.

👉 He climbed up the tree.

👉 I know about him.

👉 Table is made up of wood.


Conjunction is a word or group of words which connect  two or more than two words ,phrases ,clauses and sentences.

🔆 Example-

👉 He is rich and happy.

👉 Rahul is intelligent but his friend is dull.

👉 Either you or your friend is guilty.

👉 I know that god is everywhere.

👉 Please wait until I come back.

👉 Mohan as well as Sohan went to the Delhi.

👉 If you like, you can go.

👉 He took the medicine so that he might get well.

👉 As he come in the house, I went.

👉 I worked in order that I may get good marks.


They are the words used to express some sudden feelings or emotions.

🔆 Example-

👉 Hello ! what are you doing?

👉 Oh! Raju got good marks.

👉 Alas! Mohan died.

  👉 Hurrah! ndia won the match.

👉 Ah! Have they left the house.

🔆 Exercise

Identify the parts of speech.(underlined black words)

👉 They are running on the road.

👉 The cat is running under the table.

👉 Hello! Can you finish my work?

👉 He is running quickly.

👉 Mumbai is big city.

👉 They should always respect the teacher.

👉 Neither you nor are they can pick up the ball.

👉 They are writing since morning.

👉 He passed the examination because he had done hard work.

👉 I ate Apple.

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